makémaké : a sustainable and poetical brand

makémaké is a dwarf planet discovered in 2005. Its name derives from Makemake, God of creation
in the mythology of the Rapa Nui people of Easter Island. It also is a poetical brand , offering eco-designed and playful furniture !

Who are we ?

Laurence and Stéphanie, both passionate about design.
We met at the École Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle in Paris.
We settled in Normandy, and we have worked together for many years on different projects in design, interior design, exhibition scenography and graphic design.
We have come across a number of companies and got to discover their know-how.
makémaké stemmed from our desire to create eco-designed products for young and older kids.
We’ve just completed the first collection of our new brand.
makémaké sprung to life in Cherbourg, France, in april 2017.

flower wood stool

Our first collection is called And Now Play On !

Our playful furniture combines functionality and the fun of a construction set.
Hybrid, figurative or abstract objects, with their sometimes indefinite function, makémaké’s furniture gives free rein to your imagination and stimulates your children’s creativity.
Our collection is made of birch plywood. The flat-pack furniture is assembled and disassembled in just a moment with the flat-pack system, without nails nor glue. Nomadic, they are easy to move.

This furniture is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Through an eco-designed approach, we generate less waste, all of which is recycled.
Our premium quality plywood, 100% birch, comes from sustainably managed Finnish forests.
Produced with a moisture-resistant glue, its composition gives it rigidity and compactness.
All our products are made in France.
They are are protected with an HQE labeled (French standard for High Environmental Quality) hard-coat organic oil finish (in line with European standards on toys).